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    I created Sounding Ground sixteen years ago to continue the traditions of innovation and excellence that have pushed the envelope of the activity for years. As a Member, Drum Major, and Staff Member of the renowned Star of Indiana Drum & Bugle Corps, I was fortunate to gain experience from some of the most talented, knowlegeable, and innovative minds in the activity.

    Explore my site and you will find the history of my experience and qualifications, along with organizations and programs who have been affiliated with Sounding Ground. You will also discover the services I can offer to your program. Utilizing experience, innovation, and a singular educational philosophy, Sounding Ground can assist you in expressing your ideas using an exceptionally uncommon voice.

    Here, you will find solutions to setbacks your program faces every season. Whether you are seeking to create a new beginning, or to move in a new direction, you will want to make a difference...

    Welcome to Sounding Ground.


    Every aspect of our lives today ending in success or failure, begins with a choice. With the world as our classroom and each of us a student, what lessons are we learning? The status quo often shifts from honesty and integrity to the systematic economic decay and moral bankrupting of our society. Unfortunately, the consequences of our actions are now only viewed as acceptable inconveniences and manageable consequences.

    This book's intended use is to give you, the reader, a platform in decision making. As a value-based judgment vehicle, my hope in writing this book includes the reader facing and dealing with these dilemmas before encountering them in everyday life; before knowing the true face of desperation. Many times, we are faced with ethical decisions and the clock is running. Pressure should never be viewed or untilized as a deciding factor in making the right choice.

    Choice truly becomes the definitive measure of character. The path to ethical renewal starts with one step, one person. Learning how to think must be paramount to learning what to think, and each person must think independently. Whether you use this book as a training tool, reflective device, interviewing fulcrum, or merely an idea engine, use it to grow.

    Take a moment and consider your Ethics Everyday.


    My name is Robert Hullett, and I represent the 7th District (Brentwood Community) on the Williamson County School Board. I believe open lines of communication are essential to our shared efforts.

    You can always email me at: robert.hullett@wcs.edu or reach me by phone at: 615-772-6527.

    I will keep you up-to-date with information regarding the Board and our School System via my Robert Hullett open Facebook presence. You can also follow me on Twitter at: Bobby Hullett

    I welcome your questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, and support as we endeavor to maximize every opportunity for our children.

    Find a complete snapshot of my experience, education, and why I look forward to serving as a member of the School Board at Robert Hullett.